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Skin Crawling Comics Horror Anthology

Skin Crawling Comics Horror Anthology published on No Comments on Skin Crawling Comics Horror Anthology

I’ve got a 10 page story in the upcoming Skin Crawling Comics Horror Anthology! It’s a cool comic anthology put together by my friend Rachel Pandich, showcasing horror stories that reject gore as a substitute for good writing and return to classic horror stories that touch on fears that lurk in the dark corners of the mind. My story, Hunger, gorgeously illustrated by Sarah Elkins, is a haunted ghost story of obsession.

Skin Crawling Comics features the work of a lot of up and coming comic creators, some of whom you might recognizes from Womanthology: Heroic, including Rachel Pandich, Jody Houser, Sarah Elkins and myself, among others! It’s a beautiful book, I can hardly wait for it to be published! And that’s where you come in.

Skin Crawling Comics is having a crowdfunded Indigogo campaign to raise the money needed to get the book made! It’s an all or nothing campaign so if we fail to reach our goal, the book won’t be made, so pledge if you can and please repost this to help get the word out! The more people who give our Indigogo campaign a signal boost, the greater our chances for success!!

We’ve already reached $3,172 out of our total $18,000 goal, and we have great rewards like a digital copy of the anthology for only $10, or a physical copy and a digital copy together for $20, original art by Skin Crawling Comics artist, a script consultation by Rachel Pandich, and more! So support great indie comics and pledge to today!