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Time & Timelords wait for no man

Time & Timelords wait for no man published on No Comments on Time & Timelords wait for no man

Fortunately Clara Oswin Oswald is a woman & so the good Doctor will just have to wait like the rest of us. With ten days to go until the new season of Doctor Who starts, I decided to get my fan girl energies out working on some fan art in between drawing issue 5 of Samhain Night. The new season of Doctor Who  has an intriguing new companion in the character of Clara Oswin Oswald, someone who looks like she could and will give Matt Smith a run for his money! So I’m doing my first ever Doctor Who fan art of Clara, and I’m really pleased with how it’s progressing. I’m posting the progress on the here, and I’ll update it as it goes along! Here’s Clara Oswin Oswald, progress 1!

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